Friday, January 05, 2007

DBCV2: Apples

Mmmm, mmm, crunch, crunch, nnn, slurp, swallow. Nothing much can beat a fresh, crisp apple straight offa the tree. Tanner and Margot and I enjoyed a trip to Shelburne Orchards this weekend. Besides the overflowing bag of apples, the magical walk on forbidden land, the crazy ivy/tree sculptures and the colorful foliage, there was also hot pizza, fresh cider doughnuts and ginger spiced cider to boot!
Mmmm, munch, munch. We went home and made apple pie, apple crisp and pork chops with apple/gorgonzola sauce. Cannot stop licking my chops, hee, hee. Washed the whole day down with the Alan Rickman love-fest, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

And the question is, just how many apples can you eat until your tummy turns into an apple tree? Here is an Ink Spot's montage to celebrate the Fall Vermont goodness that was this weekend:

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